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            High Performance Current Sensing for Automation Applications
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            AG-LC Series

            Ground Fault Sensor

            Up to 800 A, Large Aperture (4" Diameter)

            DT- BB Series

            DC Current Transducer

            Up to 1500 VDC, Install over Existing Bus Bar



            From motor monitoring to heater status, and semiconductor tools to water/wastewater plants, NK Technologies has a family of current sensors to meet your application needs.

            二次元情头污高清 吃奶

            二次元情头污高清 吃奶

            Monitoring the current or power used by a pump will show the control system if there is a problem: Blocked intake, open discharge, pitted impeller or failing bearings.

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            二次元情头污高清 吃奶

            Air Compressors

            NK can provide current, voltage and power monitoring of any chiller or compressor you might encounter.

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            二次元情头污高清 吃奶

            Photovoltaic Power Production

            Know the power produced by a panel, string or entire system with current sensing solutions from NK Technologies.

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            Heating Applications -

            Snow Melt Systems

            Gain peace-of-mind protection from electrical shock with ground fault sensors.

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            Power Equipment & Monitoring -

            二次元情头污高清 吃奶

            If a heating element fails in a wafer cleaning process, ground fault protection will protect the product.

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